Experience the true wilderness that Alaska is famous for. Join the Hess family at their private property, right in the heart of the Bald Eagle Preserve, where all the amenities are available for your comfort. Explore the remote areas of the preserve, where the moose habitat is the best in the valley. Moose sightings are frequent, although not a guarantee, as well as Bald Eagles that have massive nests close to the river’s edge. Enjoy an old fashioned hot dog roast and a delicious bowl of chili or chicken noodle soup to complete your excursion. You will have plenty of time to visit with your guides after your river portion of the tour.

If your ship is docking in Skagway, (see details below but add 45 minutes for the ferry) Your excursion will begin on the pier, where you will meet Paul, your River Adventures representative. Paul will brief you and prepare you for your excursion. You will be escorted to the fast ferry in the small boat harbor for your 45 minute narrated ferry to the port of Haines. (Skagway) Total tour time 6:30 hours.

If your ship is docking in Haines, you will be met by Karen, one of the owner’s. Karen will greet you, gather your tickets and introduce you to your friendly and local bus driver. Total tour time (Haines) 3:45 hours.

This tour requires that you sign a release form on the pier, prior to departing for the excursion.

Details: Total tour time includes meet time on the pier, loading and unloading the bus or ferry and any time involved to get from point A to point B.

  • (Skagway tour) 45 minute ferry from Skagway to Haines
  • Bus to the tour site and Bald Eagle Preserve 30 minutes (from Haines)
  • River Tour 1hr. 45 minutes
  • Meal 30 minutes

There is also time to visit with your guides and meet the owner before you retrace your steps back to Haines and/or Skagway